From Bars to Brilliance

In 2017, Green Fox Studio embarked on a transformative journey with Marco the Fox, an individual whose life story would become a testament to the boundless potential within us all.

Together, we set out to celebrate the power of creativity as a catalyst for personal and artistic growth, proving that with passion and dedication, even the most challenging pasts can give rise to limitless possibilities..

Marco’s story:

Marco’s journey into the world of Design began in an unexpected setting – prison. Recognising his natural talent, Green Fox Studio saw an opportunity to invest in his rehabilitation. Despite the challenges of being incarcerated, Marco remained committed to turning his life around. He spent every spare moment improving his skills, including learning 3D modelling, which has become his area of specialisation. This investment in Marco’s rehabilitation has transformed his life and positively impacted the lives of those around him.

The Challenge and Opportunity:

At Green Fox Studio, we understand that having a criminal history can make it extremely difficult to secure employment, often leading individuals back into criminal activities. However, we were deeply impressed by Marco’s unwavering dedication, incredible spirit, and exceptional work ethic. We recognised that his unique blend of talent and skills were invaluable assets that transcended his past. Despite the challenges of being a former prisoner, Green Fox Studio saw beyond the barriers, and we were thrilled to offer Marco a full-time position with our team upon his release.

Second chances:

Green Fox Studio’s decision to work with Marco was grounded in a belief in second chances and the transformative power of creativity. His innate talent and determination made him an ideal candidate for our Creative Agency’s commitment to fostering personal and artistic growth. Marco’s dedication to self-improvement, evident during his incarceration, showcased a determination that aligned seamlessly with Green Fox Studio’s values.

Being a positive role model:

Marco has become a positive role model for those involved in the criminal justice system. In addition to his creative abilities, his journey serves as a source of hope, demonstrating that with determination and a dedication to self-improvement, individuals can break free from the cycle of incarceration. He actively mentors those facing similar challenges, providing guidance and motivation to help them navigate the path towards personal and professional transformation.

Positive change:

Green Fox Studio is committed to making a positive impact beyond individual success stories like Marco’s. The studio actively provides training inside correctional facilities and work experience opportunities to individuals who demonstrate creative potential. Green Fox Studio aims to break the cycle of recidivism by providing a pathway to skill development and employment, helping individuals rebuild their lives. After his release from prison, Marco has seamlessly integrated his responsibilities as a father with his work at Green Fox Studio, which has created a nurturing and positive environment for his children.

The ripple effect:

The impact of Marco’s journey with Green Fox Studio is evident not only in his transformation but also in the lives he touches daily. As an integral team member, his work contributes to the studio’s success, while his story inspires colleagues, clients, and the community. The collaborative effort between Marco and Green Fox Studio exemplifies the positive outcomes achievable when creativity and determination are harnessed for personal growth and societal impact.