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Green Fox Training Studio is proud to be Australia’s first not-for-profit creative training facility established within a high-security prison. Working with prisoners intent on turning their lives around, we now offer comprehensive work-ready and digital skills training to detained and at-risk youth, to women leaving the criminal justice system, and to women from disadvantaged, migrant, asylum seeker, and refugee backgrounds.

Our programs are delivered by experienced—and lived experience—trainers with deep knowledge of disadvantage, criminal justice, mental health, and social issues, in a supportive and safe environment that fosters sensitive communication and features wraparound support. This is leading to reductions in crime, reoffending, and incarceration rates; improved social integration; and an increase in mental and social wellbeing for our participants.

time count.

``Green Fox Studio has been a life changing opportunity for me. It makes learning interesting and is very informative and extremely broadminded in the way it operates. Green Fox Studio has helped me discover other opportunities to work from home and make an income.``

``I was in shock by the computer set ups and all the cool designs made on Blender and Illustrator. I immediately wanted to be involved. It’s been two amazing months at work that has influenced me to seek employment in this industry when I am finally released. Thank you, Green Fox Studio.``

``Just getting out of the cell to do something as important as this is unbelievable. This program prepares a lot of inmates with a skill base in the world of computer technology post their release back into the community.``

``They help people who have been removed from society reintegrate back into it. They also transform time spent in custody from time wasted into something productive, and in so doing help reduce crime and the overall cost to society as a whole.``

``Green Fox Studio came into my world at my lowest point and gave me a second chance and a brighter future by providing me with the tools, knowledge and experiences to benefit me in my future upon release.``

``I didn’t think a program like this would exist within jail. The usual jobs like laundry and kitchen are just expected. Being able to further my knowledge within the IT industry is amazing.``

``I would like to thank the Green Fox team for having the drive to initiate this one-of-a-kind design studio within a correctional facility as it has given me skills that I never would have acquired otherwise and has set me up with skills that will be invaluable upon reintegration into the community.``

JumpStart was tailor made to make learning easy, interactive, and rewarding. The program was designed in collaboration with prisoners in a maximum-security men’s prison near Ipswich, Queensland, and requires only basic literacy and numeracy skills to accommodate the learning needs of our trainees.

Tutorials are used as the primary teaching tool, with assessments set at increasing levels of difficulty. This helps students to see their progress in learning, and helps us to identify both talented learners and those requiring extra tutoring. The program is engaging for students, as they learn important digital skills and commence designing right from the start of the program.

JumpStart for Youth is tailored to the learning needs of young students, who are disengaged from formal education due to incarceration and issues stemming from disadvantage. It gives students ‘quick wins’—short tasks that are amusing, rewarding, and can be interspersed with games and activities—that result in faster acquisition of technical skills. This helps to engage them in the learning environment, and to build hope for future employment in the attractive creative arts sector.

JumpStart for Women is designed to overcome barriers to learning, including incomplete education, non-English speaking backgrounds, low levels of literacy and numeracy, and limited knowledge of computers, design, or Adobe programs. It also encompasses professional skills training including building a portfolio, working as a team, and job-preparation. These skills offer many benefits to disadvantaged women, including opportunities for working remotely, for entrepreneurship, and for rote learning of the digital skills necessary for future-proof employment, which help them pave a pathway out of disadvantage and into a rewarding career.

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