We were really pleased to have the opportunity to support another social enterprise in this project. Diverse Edge is being built to assist organisations in the construction sector to form social procurement supply chains and become inclusive workplaces, and to assist people facing significant barriers to employment with facilitated workforce participation opportunities in the sector. Diverse Edge asked us to develop a branding identity to reflect the professionalism, innovation, inclusion, and positivity they are drawing on to inspire growth and change. We developed a monogram logo in a unique complementary colour palette to represent these values, and branding guidelines to assist in the future development of other business collateral. We’d like to thank Diverse Edge for trusting us with this important task—we’re looking forward to watching the development of your business, and the growth of your social impact in building an equitable and inclusive economy to strengthen our communities.

  • Strategy

    Concept, Identity, Marketing, Presentation

  • Design

    Art Direction, Graphic Design

  • Client

    Diverse Edge

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