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Since the beginning of Green Fox Studio, we’ve enjoyed a supportive and fruitful professional partnership with Sero4 and the Mara Project, and we were honoured to be given the opportunity to develop a branding identity for their new initiative in supporting women’s re-entry. Our client requested a logo comprised of single-line drawings of culturally diverse women, and an aesthetic to reflect hope, positive expectations, and strength in supporting some of our society’s most vulnerable women in building meaningful and prosocial lives. We developed a soft, feminine colour palette using tones from sister organisation Sero4 / the Mara Project with other analogous and complementary colours, to develop an approachable and supportive branding identity that will encourage women to seek and access help. The initiative provides an online one-stop-shop where clients can easily access find valuable information (including simple fact sheets, general support, links to free online training courses, and links to recovery support resources), and view and share good news stories and artwork to inspire and motivate others in their re-entry process. You can reach out to Sero4 via their website at https://www.sero4.com.au for more information or to support the project.

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